Weekly Reversal Training

Lesson 1

The Rules of the Trading System

Why this strategy works so well!

Lesson 2

How to Set Up Stockcharts.com Scanner

  1. Here is the Scan Code to Copy and Paste:

    [type is stock]
    and [sma(50,volume) > 150000]
    and [country is USA]
    and [group is not ETF]
    and [Weekly Close > last week close]
    and [Weekly Low < last week min(3,low)]
    and [Weekly Volume > Weekly SMA(50,volume)]
    and [Weekly Close > Weekly SMA (40)]
    and [Close > 10]
    and [Weekly SMA(10) > Weekly SMA(40)]
    and [optionable is true]
    and [SCTR >50]

Lesson 3

How to Narrow Down the List

Lesson 4

Patterns to Avoid

Lesson 5

Profit Booking Strategy

Lesson 6

Risk Management (How Much to put in each Trade)

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