How to Create Weekly Income
(In Less Than 20 Minutes/Week)

What This System Can Do For You:

  • Help you CRUSH your retirement goals...whether it's retirement income or growing your nest egg! 
  • Simplify and organize your trading with a 100% Rules-Based System. 
  • Give you more time by helping you trade less. At max you'll spend 20 minutes/week on this system.

THE KEY to The Weekly Income System success is buying high quality stocks on a pullback...

I use my proprietary Weekly Reversal Scanner to build me a list of HIGH quality stocks that have completed the reversal pattern. I run this scanner every Monday morning before the market opens, do a little bit of filtering to select my TOP opportunities and place my trades. This entire process takes me less than 20 minutes and it is a consistent income stream.

“It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than to buy a fair company at a wonderful price”

- Warren Buffett

This is an excellent system for Trader's that don't have all day to stare at their screens. The key to the Weekly Income System might be the picks, but the key to any successful Trader is the ability to follow their own Trade Plan with each trade. That means knowing when to book profits and exit each trade before you ever get in. 

By choosing us you'll get the following trading benefits:


I built The Weekly Income System so that you can comfortably grow your nest egg…no matter how big it is now, it doesn’t matter, we’re going to grow it together and it’s going to make life easier for you and your family.


Simple enough for beginners. Powerful enough for professionals. The Weekly Income System is a process that you can continue to repeat off every week for as long as you need it. 


The reason The Trader's Plan has had so much success is because we've done a great job at keeping this process as simple as possible. 20 minutes/week and NO fancy indicators.


“I sold 1/2 @ 8% and have been rolling the remaining since. Currently up 198% on closed position, 220% including the open position. Tremendous trade!!”

Scott, Florida

What Makes The Weekly Reversal System So Easy...

"This strategy was designed to shake out all the noise and focus on booking profits."

  • There is zero fundamental analysis involved...just price and volume.
  • There are only 3 rules that your can literally write on a post-it note.
  • It literally only takes 20 minutes/week.

How This System Works:

Weekly Income System Results...

Right now you might wondering if this really going to change your life and improve your retirement that much, enough to make it worth.

I built retirement plans professionally, I know the fears and desires that come with retirement because I heard it every day

I built this so that you can grow that nest egg…no matter how big it is now, it doesn’t matter, we’re going to grow it together and it’s going to make life easier for you and your family.

Automated Profit Booking

Booking consistent profits is our main focus and it crucial for growing your nest egg. Our Profit Booking Strategy has...

- Specific Price Targets 

-Specific Stop Losses

-Profit Maximization Rules for Big Winners

Once Per Week Set Up...

You do NOT need to be glued to a screen all day. In fact, that's where most Traders go wrong. The success is built in to the simplicity of the system. Just relax and let it work.

How you manage your portfolio is completely up to you. BUT however much you allocate to this system is only going to take you 20 minutes/week. And if you're just taking my alerts, it will take you even less. 

I can't stress enough how important it is to shut off the noise and focus on what works. This system works.

BONUS: Scan Codes

Our custom scan codes make it incredibly easy to just push a "run scan" button and voila!! Now you have a list of high quality stocks to choose from (I tell you which ones to buy in the course:)

If you do not have TOS or you can take the scan codes we have and duplicate the scanner on your own platform.

“Sold it all for a crazy gain in 2 days...”

“I dropped 20k Sunday on a Weekly Reversal for Sportsman Warehouse. It popped 44% today. Sold it all for a crazy gain in 2 days. Love the weekly reversal strategy. Win rate of 91.1% on all trades since I started 3 months ago. 40 trades or so."

- Richard L. - Colorado

“LOVING The Weekly Reversal Trades...”

“I made over $1,800 profit on 2 of my first 3 reversal trades. Broke even on my 2nd but over a grand on my 3rd. LOVING the weekly reversals so far...”

- Brad C. - Indiana

“EZ money!”

“Well that was EZ money! $215 on my first trade. I booked profits on CRWD but I'm still in it with the other half."

- Regina P. - Texas

What You'll Get...

This 6 part video course will give you a SIMPLE trading system that you can use every single week.

"Anyone that can place a trade and book profits can work this system."

Our mission is to book profits on a consistent basis with HIGH quality stocks. The market is full of opportunities that we use technical analysis to direct them straight towards your portfolio (no guess work).

Remember...the scan code I'm giving you can generate a list of opportunities and I'll show you how to narrow down that list in a few minutes. 

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"Solid trade..."

"Cashed in on VEEV this morning. Solid trade for being less than a week."

- Clayton H. - Connecticut 

"I sold 1/2 this morning and will ride the rest out."

"FABULOUS job alerting MJ last week! I sold 1/2 this morning and will ride the rest out. Thanks for the winner!!"

- Erin K. - Minnesota

"Here's a Template for a Testimonial With No Image..."

"Steven, just wanted to let you know I am up over 30% in the last year and I missed out on 2 big gainers while I was on vacation. Next time I'm in the Ozarks I owe you a beer or 2:)"

- Jonathan G. - California

About Steven Cawiezell

Steven Cawiezell

Chief Technical trader

Steven bought his first stock at the age of 14 and the rest was history. He lives in the small working class town of Russellville, Arkansas with his wife and 2 kids. Steven has a background in economics and finance and worked for one of the largest investment firms in the U.S for 6 years. He has established The Trader’s Plan as a distinctively unique ETF & Growth stock newsletter that focuses on trends in the market indices. Being a former financial advisor at a large broker dealer (and watching portfolios crash in 2008) forced Steven to abandon “buy & hold” and create a simple 3-step trading system that anyone can follow.

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