Swing Trades

Weekly Reversal Alerts (Monday Morning Setups)

Weekly Reversal Alerts (Monday Morning Set Ups)

Target 1 instructions are sell half at 8% and let the rest run until the remaining shares break the 50 Day Simple Moving average
NameTickerDate of "Buy Rating"EntryTarget 1 (Sell Half)Stop LossNotes
MasTec IncMTZ12.12.22$88.77$95.87 (HIT)$90.18Trail stop 1% below 50sma
US Foods Holding CorpUSFD1.9.23$37.61$40.61$33.85Sell half at target 1
Sarepta Therapeutics IncSRPT1.18.23$125.78$135.84$113.21Sell half at target 1
Ocean First FinancialOCFC1.23.23$22.51$24.31 (HIT)$22.51Stop at break even
State Street CorpSTT1.30.23$89.87$97.06$89.87Sell half at target 1
Modine Manufacturing CoMOD2.6.23$22.71$24.53$20.44Sell half at target 1

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If you want to know what I am looking at – here it is! I use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to create this list and update it weekly (usually on Tuesdays). I put together this list with stocks I like and I believe are close to a buy point. Feel free to trade these stocks as you see fit.