How to Create Weekly Trading Income in Less Than 20 Minutes/Week

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Buying high quality stocks on a pullback


The 3 Rules You Need To Know


The Weekly Reversal System Historical Performance


How to Trade The Weekly Reversal System

This Strategy is Effective Enough For professionals but simple enough for beginners...

What You'll Discover in this strategy:


The Weekly Reversal System was designed for the "busy Trader" that doesn't have all day to be glued to a screen. You'll spend no more than 20 minutes/week.


You will not find an easier trading strategy with this level of effectiveness ANYWHERE else.


This system produces an abundance of opportunities so you can grow your retirement account with ease.


The Weekly Reversal has profits of 2.38% per trade over the last five years.

What Others Are Saying:

Duane D. - Arkansas

"I just sold at $61.28. I had 200 shares, bought at average of $46.70. Gain of 31% in a month time period” (Gain of $2,916 when Mobileye got bought out from Intel)"

Scott K. - Ohio

"I sold 1/2 at 8% and have been rolling the remaining since. Currently up 198% on closed position, 220% including current open position. Tremendous trade!"

Patricia W. - Florida

“Great Job! I did not invest in all your recommendations, I am impressed with the results and intend to act more quickly going forward” (Kind words after 6 of my last 9 picks were winners over 30%. ICHR 35% gain, INCY 32%, COPX 49% gain, URA 30% gain, SFBX 50% winner!)"

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