How to Pick Chinese Stocks That Will Double

Hey Traders,

I like to follow growth stocks. Whether US companies OR Chinese listed ADRs. Chinese stocks are extremely volatile and carry additional risk. However, I believe their growth and appreciation potential is something you need to educate yourself on.

Last week I discussed in my 5 ETFs for the next 5 Years Video…and one of the ETFs was KWEB (Kraneshares Chinese Internet).

In this video I dive even deeper into how I have identified some simple but powerful rules to pick the next Vipshop or Weibo.

In this video I discuss….

1. Recap from last week my case for KWEB ETF for the long term
2. We look at 2 sample stocks that I alerted to my subscribers that tripled
3. Very specifically, how you can identify the next big winner for yourself and what that stock does before it makes a monster move.

PLEASE DONT GO OUT AND BLINDLY BUY THESE. Watch this video and understand the strategy before doing your own research.

P.S. There is one stock that just popped on earnings of 500%. We have a game plan of when to enter. Click below to find out!

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