The Options Accelerator Program

What you'll get:

  • Access to ALL Options Accelerator Trades (1-2/Week)
  • LIVE: Virtual Options Trading  Workshop 
  • 1-on-1 Trading Consultation W/ Gregg Killpack (Optional)

Is your retirement nest egg dwindling or thriving? 

Our focus at The Trader's Plan is to help you either build your nest egg or to create a a retirement income stream. The Options Accelerator program can serve as both depending on your goals. If you've never traded options before, we highly recommend taking the 1-on-1 consultation with Options Expert, Gregg Killpack. We want to help you create a trading business that works but you'll have to be ready to treat it like a business. 

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

By choosing us you'll get the following Trading Advantages:

Market Opportunities

We put the time in reading the charts and finding 1-2 opportunities for you to trade each week. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy you life without being glued to your screen.

Real-Time Text Alerts

Beyond benefitting from over 30 years of winning trade experience...the biggest advantage here is you don't have to do anything more than read our texts and place your trades.

Direct Communication

We both know what poor customer service is like. Not only will you get a 1-on-1 consultation when getting started but I'll answer every email you send. Guaranteed.

“My first winning options trade!!”

“...I'm not even 100% sure I did everything right but I just exited the DIS call option from Tuesday for a $435 profit. Thanks for giving me my first winning options trade!!...”

- Alfred Jensen, Missouri 

For a $100 Discount on quarterly and annual subscriptions

What the Options Accelerator Program Does for You:

Text And/or Email Notifications for ALL Options Trades

Just relax and we'll tell you exactly what options contracts to purchase and when to exit.

Timing is everything in trading. To ensure you have the best opportunity to maximize profits we offer "TIME to ACT" text alerts for both entrance and exits on all options trades. This is an optional feature but we highly recommend it so you don't miss any trade alerts. 

Direct Communication with an options trading expert

Whether you are just getting started with options or trying to get to that next level as a Trader, having direct communication is beyond helpful.

  • Email Gregg any questions at any time.
  • There should be now guessing as a Options Accelerator Member...if you don't understand something...just ask:)

1-on-1 Options Trading Consultation w/ Gregg Killpack

This consultation of course is optional but the BEST way to get a jump start on boosting your options income is hop on a call with Gregg and ask him any questions you have about your trading or the program.

With over 30 years of trading experience, Gregg can offer insights that will have a massive long term impact on you as a Trader.

LIVE: Virtual Options Trading Workshop

You can really advance your training through this live (small group) virtual workshop with Gregg. This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into options trading which will help you trade with confidence.

Successful traders rely heavily on their knowledge base and NOT their "gut feelings". NOTE: If you can not attend the live workshop we will be recording any live training and you can attend a later workshop as well.

BONUS: 60 Days of Weekly Reversal Trade Alerts

In addition to your Options Accelerator Alerts, you'll receive 60 days of our HIGHLY profitable Weekly Reversal Alerts at NO additional cost.

“Just upgraded to the annual plan”

“Good morning, Gregg. I just wanted to see if you got a notice about me upgrading to the annual plan. I made enough off the Rivian trade to cover that. Drop me a link to your calendar when you get a chance so I can schedule the 1 on 1 call that offered...”

- Matt Crenshaw, Arizona

“Great week in a bad market”

“...every trade I even sniffed at this week went against me except for the TWTR and RIVN trades. Great call on both. Cya on the workshop next week. ”

- Allison Lawrence, Florida

“Went BIG on 20 Contracts”

“After weeks of dabbling with one contract/trade I made a jump on SNAP and hit just north of 6k. BIG TRADE, BUDDY. Thanks, G!!!”

- James Lassiter, Wisconsin

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"2k in 2 MONTHS!"

"Since I started back in October I've made 2k, now that might not sound like a lot but it's a BIG deal to me. I've been struggling since I started but I really enjoy trading options. Thanks for everything."

- Ethan Carlyle, South Carolina

"Retirement Income"

"We're off to a great start, Gregg. If I keep this up I might be able to start drawing some retirement income. Still get a ways to go on making up for some previous losses but I like where were headed."

- Edward Jacobs, California

"Amazing support..."

"Now that we've presented all the main features and benefits of the product, we're moving on to another testimonials section, to bolster our claims with some social proof."

- Julie Rosemont, Ohio

For a $100 Discount on quarterly and annual subscriptions

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Options Accelerator Trade Alerts
  • Access to Options Accelerator Workshop
  • 1-on-1 Live Coaching Call w/ Gregg
  • 60 Days of Weekly Reversal Alerts

All these now for just:

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This is a quarterly subscription that will rebill in 90 days (or 365 days if annual subscription). 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime. 

Get Instant Access to the Options Accelerator Program!

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason just let us know and we'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

"I don't get asked for refunds often but please, if you're struggling, email me directly at [email protected]"