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Video #1

Options Accelerator Intro

Video #2

Strategy #1: Shorting The Bounce

Video #5

Simple Technical Analysis

Video #3

Strategy #2: Breakout Options Trades

Video #6

Options Money Management

Video #4

Strategy #3: Trading Ranges 

The Fastest Way for You to Profit With This Training...

There are 3 strategies in this training (all these videos are pretty fluff). Watch them all without any other distractions and choose one strategy that you feel most comfortable with and go place a single trade. Do it while it's fresh on your mind and if you like the way it works out see if you can fit that strategy into your overall trading plan. We do offer a profitable alert service with this program but that's can make money from this training. 

What Other Traders Are Saying:

Matt Crenshaw, AZ

“Good morning, Gregg. I just wanted to see if you got a notice about me upgrading to the annual plan. I made enough off the Rivian trade to cover that. Drop me a link to your calendar when you get a chance so I can schedule the 1 on 1 call that offered...”

Allison Lawrence, FL

“...every trade I even sniffed at this week went against me except for the TWTR and RIVN trades. Great call on both. Cya on the workshop next week. ”

James Lassiter, WI

“After weeks of dabbling with one contract/trade I made a jump on SNAP and hit just north of 6k. BIG TRADE, BUDDY. Thanks, G!!!”

Ethan Carlyle, SC

"Since I started back in October I've made 2k, now that might not sound like a lot but it's a BIG deal to me. I've been struggling since I started but I really enjoy trading options. Thanks for everything."

Edward Jacobs, CA

"We're off to a great start, Gregg. If I keep this up I might be able to start drawing some retirement income. Still get a ways to go on making up for some previous losses but I like where were headed."

Julie Rosemont, OH

"Now that we've presented all the main features and benefits of the product, we're moving on to another testimonials section, to bolster our claims with some social proof."

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