Market Update Webinar

Hey Traders,
The market is is popping today after yesterday’s attempt to slice through the 20 EMA. Yesterday the S&P 500 was the only of the three (Nasdaq and Small Caps) that closed below the line. By the end of the day Nasdaq and Small Caps have closed above the line with Small Caps being the strongest. With the market being in an uptrend I believe Small Caps have a nice chance to play “catch up” as they are still well below their Sept 2018 high.
One thing we have to keep an eye on is the short term breadth. Only 39% of stocks are now above their 20 EMA in the S&P 500. However, there is still 72% of stocks above their 200 DMA in the S&P 500 (still very bullish). 
One sector that is really standing out is health care. There are a TON of health care ETFs climbing the ranks. However, not all are created equal. Health Care providers are showing double the relative strength vs pharmaceuticals. In this week’s webinar I break down them all
In this week’s webinar I cover…
-Potential long term targets for S&P 500
-Break down of Small Cap chart
-Long term analysis of Gold
-Bonds are in a bull flag
-Miners (not just gold are turning up)
-Top 10 Ranked ETFs
Steven Cawiezell

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