Market Update

Currently the market is in an uptrend and it is hard to make the bearish case. Nasdaq and S&P 500 hit all time highs and breadth is looking strong. I cover in detail in this webinar the potential rise of the commodity cycle that hasn’t signaled yet but with Gold breaking a 7 year trend line vs S&P 500 it should be on your radar.
From 01-01-90 – 06-01-99 the S&P 500 returned 266% vs CRB Commodity Index -19%. Yikes!
Then from 06-01-99 to 11-01-11 the CRB returned 69% vs -8% for S&P 500..
Then from 11-01-11 to present the S&P 500 returned 138% vs -42% for CRB…
These relative out performance cycles can last a long time. Currently S&P 500 is still clearly the leader so you want to own more stocks than commodities. However, gold is starting to break out of some key long term levels and could turn the ship in the next year. 
In this webinar I cover….
1. Current Price action of Nasdaq and S&P 500 and break down Small Caps
2. Short Term and Long Term Market Breadth
3. Break down analysis of gold and gold miners
4. In depth look at long term cycles of commodities vs S&P 500
5. Money is flowing into Energy. We break down what industries and look at some leading stocks

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