Market Update

Hey Traders,
I have received a ton of positive feedback (and criticism) from the webinar I shot a few months ago teaching you 4 different exit algorithms you can use for your trading along with how my first 20 trades of the year would have performed under each different scenario (same entry, just different exit).
After looking at how much I lagged the other 4 strategies the first 2 months of the year I told myself (and you)…..”I can do better, I will do better”. I knew some of the changes I had to make to better my performance.
1. Use one of the exit algorithms and take the human element out of trading (easier said than done)
2. I needed to go after faster moving stocks that have the potential to “buck the trend”
Well…A few changes and my last batch of trades produced 8 Times Better than my first 20. 8 Times!
Don’t get me wrong…I still made some mistakes.
And I came across some new problems that I never considered.
Myth Buster: The Higher the win ratio the more money you make
That is NOT true.
Actually, out of the 4 exit algorithms I tested on my 32 trades for this year the exit strategy with the highest win ratio had the worst over all performance.
*Mind Blown*
To top that off the exit strategy with the lowest win ratio had the best performance.

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