Market Update

Hey Traders,
Yesterday the market got ruffed up on news that the yield curve is inverting. Historically, this indicator has predicted recessions in the past. Honestly, I would just focus on the technical action of the major indexes and your stocks. Whatever the fundamental reason it will show up on the chart anyways. No since always goggling over the why. 
If you zoom in and look at the short term picture it is not pretty. Market breadth is pretty week and we could be only 1 day into a waterfall in stocks. However, I would like to point out that back in late the Nasdaq had just broken the 200 DMA (which looked pretty bad at the time)… seemed certainly possible the market was gonna roll lower. All of a sudden the market turned on a dime and the market rallied for 3-4 weeks. My point is be willing to pivot very quickly if the market blows the other way.
In this week’s webinar I cover…
-Nasdaq Short term price action
-10 year and 100 year chart of the S&P 500
-Bond Prices Have gone parabolic
-Oil prices are getting squeezed (look bearish)
-Gold could be on a multi year move
-Market Breadth is Pretty weak
Steven Cawiezell

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