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the Profitable Trade Plan


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The biggest mistake a Trader can make is jumping into the market without a solid Trade Plan. This is where most traders fail. They focus on the hot picks which is only one part of the equation. An actionable Trade Plan must have system rules, money management rules and risk management rules to be complete.  If you want to be consistent in the market, this Trade Plan is the most important guide you will ever read....


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“I just sold at $61.28. I had 200 shares, bought at average of $46.70. Gain of 31% in a month time period(Gain of $2,916 when Mobileye got bought out from Intel)."

Duane D.

Weekly income system member

"I dropped $20k Sunday on a weekly reversal for Sportsman's Warehouse. It popped 44% today. Sold it all for a crazy gain in 2 days! Love the weekly reversal strategy. win rate of 91.1% on all my trades to date since I started 3 months ago. 40 trades or so..."

Richard H.


“Great Job! I did not invest in all your recommendations, I am impressed with the results and intend to act more quickly going forward” (Kind words after 6 of my last 9 picks were winners over 30%. ICHR 35% gain, INCY 32%, COPX 49% gain, URA 30% gain, SFBX 50% winner!)"

Patricia W.


"I sold 1/2 at 8% and have been rolling the remaining since. Currently up 198% on closed position, 220% including current open position. Tremendous trade!"

Scott K.


Our promise to you:

At The Trader's Plan, we differentiate ourselves from other financial publications by taking a rules-based approach to the market and teaching you the reality of trading. We understand that there will be wins and losses in trading and so we provide our members with no-nonsense, realistic expectations. We pride ourselves on our authenticity and genuine desire to help our members achieve their financial goals.

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