How to Create a Trading Plan

Hey Traders,

Do you have a Trader’s Plan?

This is a subject that is near and dear to me. Create a Trading Plan.  I have talked to my fair share of traders and was blown away by how few traders have a written set of rules to keep themselves in check.

Saying you have Trading Plan is not the same as writing one down. This means really thinking about the kind of trader you are and the kind of trades you know you should be making and putting together a set of rules to ensure you do exactly that.

Being former Financial Advisor / Retirement Planner….I have been writing financial plans for 11 years now and I can honestly say that those who chart the course (create the plan) SIGNIFICANTLY outperform those who don’t over time.

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In this video I am going to show you…

1. A Reliable, easy to replicate template to create your Trading Plan

2. All the Steps I feel is a must have in your Trading Plan

3. Very Specific Examples from my Trading Plan for enter/exit strategies

4. Why it’s not just good enough to have the plan in your head. Write it down

5. Why post analysis and mastering trading psychology is a must


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