How to Invest in the Super Cycle

Hey Traders,

If you have ever looked at a 100 year Dow Jones chart I highly recommend it. You will see magical growth of the last 120 years or so. However, if you look a little closer you will notice the Dow Jones kinda looks like a stock. It goes up for awhile….then goes sideways.

Unfortunately, those sideways consolidations in the Dow Jones can last anywhere from 12-20 years. Yikes. If you were just a buy and hold mutual fund investor or you do not have a sector rotation strategy….you probably didn’t do very well from 2000-2013.

On the plus side after the market goes sideways for 12-20 of under performance it usually has superior performance for the following 12-20 years in what most people call the Super Cycle.

If you were invested from 1982-2000 you know what I am talking about and right now I believe we are in the fairly begging stages of a Stock market Super Cycle that can last a decade or longer.

In this video I am going to show you…

1. Dow chart going back to 1900 to understand what can be expected

2. Where I believe we are in the cycle

3. How you can invest to make sure you are in the strongest sectors

4. Simple rules to keep us from getting hurt in a bear market



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