I Beat the Market by 48%...Here Is What I Learned

Hey Traders,

In the last 9 months The Trader’s Plan picks have returned 65.73% vs 17.27% for the S&P 500. You couldn’t have gone wrong either way but I think you would agree with me that you would rather have the bigger number? 🙂

My numbers are based on the simple assumptions that you are a subscriber, you took every one of my picks (not just the ones you liked), your entry was similar to the recommendation and you evenly distributed your trades evenly with each position representing 25% of your account. (i.e. $10k account with $2,500 for each trade and reinvest the growth). Simple. See Chart Below.

In this video I am going to show you…

1. 9 Trades that I made since Nov 1st

2. Going to look at real life examples..my biggest winners and my biggest losers
3. What I learned from all of them (yes I am going to bash myself a bit on some trades)

4. EXACT Rules to put in your Trader’s Plan so you can take advantage of the big winner like we did.
PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT AND BLINDLY BUY ANYTHING I DISCUSS HERE. Watch this video and listen to the case I make for everything.

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