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Our Mission

We're passionate about helping everyone build their own trading business, grow their wealth and enjoy the retirement they deserve. 

ANYONE can learn to trade. Even YOU.

Profitable trading isn't based on natural talent, intuition, luck or some kind of dark magic.

It's based on rules. A guiding set of principles that anyone can learn and implement, no matter their experience. We're obsessive about the markets and pass on our extensive knowledge to our members.

Unlike a lot of traders out there, we don't promise millions tomorrow. We don't promise massive winners (although we get a good number of them). We promise consistency.

Trading is a game of wins and losses. And our systems are designed to maximize the winners and minimize the losses.

Consistent growth always wins out.

Our Trading Values

To trade well, you need to value three main things, respect for the markets, respect for yourself and a rock-solid, 100% rules-based strategy. 

Patience Is Key

Trading is all about timing. To create the greatest wealth, you need to be able to wait until the right time make your move.

Remove Emotion

Greed and fear are the two emotions that can wipe out a lot of traders. We follow rules, not feelings.

Price & Volume

The two most important factors of any trade. There is nothing more influential than these, and they should be respected.

Power Investing

The most powerful sectors are where the best trades are. We only focus solely where the predictable action is.

Low Price, Low Value

Low valuation stocks are almost never a good value. We focus on strong stocks with strong set ups

Weeds & Flowers

The health of our portfolio is paramount. We are constantly looking to cut the losers and let the winners run.

Meet The Team



Steven bought his first stock at the age of 14 and the rest was history. He lives in the small working class town of Russellville, Arkansas with his wife and 2 kids. Steven has a background in economics and finance and worked for one of the largest investment firms in the U.S for 6 years. He has established The Trader’s Plan as a distinctively unique ETF & Growth stock newsletter that focuses on trends in the market indices. Being a former financial advisor at a large broker dealer (and watching portfolios crash in 2008) forced Steven to abandon “buy & hold” and create a simple 3-step trading system that anyone can follow.



Gregg Killpack, is a seasoned Trader, with over 30 years experience in the stock market. We brought Gregg onto our team in 2021 to help us educate our members on how to trade Options. Before joining The Trader's Plan Inc., Gregg worked for Fidelity Investments as well as being a Stock/Options trainer and fund manager. With Gregg's experience and ability to teach we couldn't pass up the opportunity to add him to our team. Since joining The Trader's Plan, he has played a key roll in our member success. Gregg is also a strong bearish Trader which really helps give us a more balanced approach regardless of the market condition. 



Ben was Steven’s greatest trading student success story before The Trader’s Plan ever existed. Ben would be the first to admit that his trading habits were careless and costly. Before The Trader’s Plan, Ben was a Business Start-Up Consultant before Steven taught him a RULE-BASED approach to trading that quickly became an obsession. With Ben’s business savvy and Steven’s trading knowledge, they both left their 9 to 5’s and began teaching others how to become successful traders.



A key moment for The Trader's Plan Inc. was the opportunity we had to hire a long time student and Trader's Plan success story...Kevin Conlan. Kevin had worked with us in a previous company where he began following Steven's trades out of personal interest. Kevin was like many of our students that loved to trade but had no concrete rules and in return...no success. Kevin started with the Weekly Income System and has since become a successful Trader and is continuing to build his retirement wealth. Because Kevin's experience is what The Trader's Plan is all about, we thought he would offer the perfect perspective for our students or anyone considering working with us. 

Our members are consistently growing their retirement funds with our rules-based systems:

Steven's Weekly Reversal Strategy is the best that I have found in my 7 years of trading...because I can say it really does work. He teaches you where to set stops and how to manage risk, which to me is the most important part of trading. With 7 out of 10 winning trades and if you manage risk properly you're going to end up ahead. I'm improving my retirement...

John Falcone

I've been following Steven from The Trader's Plan for a year and half now. Steven has a direct no-nonsense approach. He's produced a good amount of winning trades and my only critique is that I should have placed all the trades on time. I highly recommend Steven and his alerts.

BRAD jones 

I've been a member of The Trader's Plan for 7 months. I really love the detailed analysis that Steven send out. It's changed my trading a lot. I highly recommend Steven. I've paid a lot more for other service and gotten a lot less...


Joined your service about a month ago and just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. I don't think I've ever had this much success trading and I've belonged to 4 other service throughout the years. I feel very confident with taking your trades.

jeff l. 

Steven alerted PAGS and I didn't catch the whole trade but I made over 300% and that was just one of many trades he's made me money on. But I really appreciate everything he does...

Andrew LUSK

I've been following Steven now for about 18 months. I've liked the reversals that I get out from him and the ideas he gives me allows me to cut down my time looking for stocks. I'll continue to follow him in the future as he seems to be doing pretty well for me...


Steve has been very accurate and I want to continue to be part of his team. You go, Steven!


I've been a member of The Trader's Plan for about 2 years. Steven has a very specific rules based system, I describe it as scientific. I would absolutely endorse it because Traders need to have a plan, you can not trade on emotions. Steven's Trade Plan is just excellent..


I've been following Steven at The Trader's Plan for about 7 months. His system has worked really well for me. I was really green with Trading Stock but now I feel really comfortable when placing an order. This is a well designed program whether you are experienced or new to trading...

Jorge Guzeman

Three positive weeks of Trading...PRTS, INO, PLAY (Dave and Busters...BOOM!). Lots of opportunity so let her rip...


What Steven says is not out of just emotion. What he says is from basic principle and analysis. Some of his stocks like VEEV, CRW and then COOP has been actually very strong since he accounted it. So Give Steven a try.

S. Kar

I've been with Steven for a little over a year now. I mostly follow him on QQQ trades. I recently renewed a lot over a month ago and one trade paid for the membership so I'm really happy...


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