How to Build a Stock Watch List

Hey Traders,
I get asked all the time….what scan do I use? How do I find my stocks?
In this week’s VLOG I want to discuss a SIMPLE and Powerful ETF stock watch list building strategy to make sure you have some quality candidates on your watch list ready for action.
40-50% of a stock’s performance comes for the industry that its in. This lesson shows you exactly what pond you need to be fishing in so you are buying the Leaders NOT the Laggards.
In this video I am going to show you….
1. How to easily identify the strongest Sectors
2. How to break down each sector to find the strongest industry groups within a sector
3. exactly how to rank the stocks in each sector
4. how many stocks you should have on your watch list

PS. Want to see the exact strategy I use to time the bottom in stocks? Click below to find out!

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